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October 6, 2007

My hand made book – step 4

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No show on my order of Moab paper, so I started calling around to the local pro photo shops.  That is one of the nice things about living near Los Angeles, you attact and keep some nice pro photo stores.  In this case Calumet has their regional store in Orange County and they have recently increased their inventory of Moab paper. Bingo! Now they don’t have any Moab Entrada 8×10 in 190 gm for the rest of the week and I have two 25 sheet boxes.

First paper check and the thickness of the sheet is 0.015″, about 50% more that what I had hoped.  I think that I am going to end up with the paired prints on the opposing spreads.  It feels like a nice matte cotton rag and it’s going to be opaque enough.  Both boxes were the Bright, which is probably more popular than the Natural.  My first print was using the watercolor paper setting and it came out very close, but now I am waiting for the dry down as it was initially a smige darker than my EEM print.

Still in process is the print pairing (kinda like my first dance, everyone wants to but noneone will take the first chance).  I quickly find some prints with weak blacks and they get a nice curves adjustment layer tune up. 

The editing has dropped a couple of images out of the mix, they just did not hold up for me.  But I did find that one image, where I had an alternate composition, ended up being selected over what was my first choice. 

After the dance partners are selected, then to figure out who leads and who follows. hmmm.  In Northern & Southern America and Europe, we read left to right, top to bottom, thus we usually stop with a two image spread on the right image.  Thus right image is the dominate image which leads, the other follows.

Still more work to do, as well as figuring out the order of the pairing through the book.  At this point, I believe that I have my lead image as well as my last image.  Also interesting to me is the interplay of the paired images, no longer just singular images grouped together as a series.  Part of the interplay is how one image might take you into the next, providing a flow of feelings and thoughts.  I have been thinking more about how the images flow in a series for my other in-process projects.  I just might be getting better at this!

Best regards, Doug

BTW, the good folks at Calumet informed me of all the great things that the HP Z3100 printer can do and they was on sell until the end of the month, did I want one delievered later today??  I had to think about that, so I walked across the parking lot to the REI store where they have this vendor who grills great Brats with sauerkraut.  yum.

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