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October 5, 2007

Start of a new series: Transitional Seam

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Moving House

Moving House  (from the new series: Transitional Seam)

I have been thinking about this for a while, when I am working on a project or series and I start considering other related images, am I changing the scope of the series or stating a new series? During the early development of the series A Sideways Glance, I found myself wanting to stop and examine in more detail some of the landscapes that I was creating images from.

But I had rationized that by stoping and taking a detailed landscape image would run counter to what I wanted to suggest in this series.  Okay, so back to my drive-bys.  But I kept having a lingering doubt and then I thought screw-it, I can do what I please.  So last month I stopped to take time with the image Frontage Road. Nice, but different in many regards.

Then came the insight about seeing this area in a different light (gotta use them puns, my friends) and the description of this region as being a transitional seam  leaped into my brain.  and that descriptive phrase did not go away.

For the last week, I have been paying closer attention to the roads and infrastructure of the area to figure that if I were to get off the I-15 freeway to examine this area in more detail, just what would I do.  And today was the day to find out.  But I was still not committed to this being a new series, but perhaps another way to create images to better suggest my intensions for the series A Sideways Glance.

Nope, not after I arrived back in my studio and started looking at the images I made today.  The images are very different in look and appearance and my reaction to the landscape.  Although my concept is along a similar idea of what I want to suggest with the earlier series, it is a new project.  Simple as that.

Oh well, I need to accept it and move on, as I have a bunch of new images to create!  And this is giving me some new energy as well;- )

Best regards, Doug

BTW meanwhile back at the studio, the Moab paper has not arrived yet, so I will contiue with the image pairing and book layout for my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip. Oh, and I had leftover pizza tonight with my magic ingrediant, black olives.

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