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September 27, 2007

Stills – an online print review

Filed under: Photography — Doug Stockdale @ 6:37 pm

The second part of Anita’s question was about how an on-line print review can function such as Stills, a small on-line group (a collaborative photoblog) that I am a member of.  Like the Photographers Exchange, I am a recent participant to Stills, so if I don’t get this right, I’m sure I’ll hear about it;- )

Stills was started and coordinated by Colin Jago, of Photostream (my blogroll) and gives the inspiration to this photoblog to Paul Butzi.  The idea is a very small group, with some simple rules of conduct, and an open minded and honest review of posted images. 

By its nature, Stills is a closed photoblog, comments only from the members (1 in Tokyo, 3 in UK (Wales, England and Scotland), 3 in USA (Northern IL, Southern FL and Southern CA).  Each member is encouraged to post one image per week, but every member has to comment on every image posted, which means that you will get at least 6 comments per image. Need to be civil as the basic rule of conduct.  Comments are on image content, with the technical stuff only if trying to help out with a fix.

I have received some great feedback that helps me understand that I may be in the right direction with some of my series image content.  And that my images seem to tilt to the bottom right and viewers have a tendency to fall out of my images in that corner.  So now I do a double check of the horizontals, etc to see if I have done it again.  Amazing that I think that I am now doing a good job on an image, post it and darned if the image flows out the lower right corner!  I just can’t see this happening. Oh well, I guess I am just an out of balance guy (almost wrote “unbalanced guy”; Yikes, where’s Freud to help me diaognos this??)

Best regards, Doug

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