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September 26, 2007

Photographers Exchange

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Okay, back to the regular programming.  Until I have my desktop/internet connection resolved hopefully by Thursday, I will not be able to provide an current images to finish my digital black and white thoughts;- )

 I had a nice request from Anita over the weekend about the group that meets monthly that I usually participate with called the Photographers Exchange. If any of them read this and I made a mistake, I hope they provide a correction.

It was stated about 18 years ago by Larry Vogel (photography artist represented by the Susan Spiritus Gallery in Newport Beach) and Larry Pribble, a non-art photographer who really enjoys photography. It is a really informal group meeting. We look at prints and only prints; no models to photograph, no studio lighting, no class, no lessons (except life lessons), no rules of conduct, no officers, no minutes, no awards or merits, no judging, no limits except: bring up to 5 prints, sign up to show them, show them, listen to what others say, enjoy the evening.

We meet once per month for two hours, some get together before hand to eat at a local pizza joint and perhaps drink some beer. We have a group that carpools from Long Beach/South Bay, drive up from San Diego or just drop in. Many are exhibiting artists, with a varied background.  As an example; Frank Cancian has a one-person exhibit in the small gallery at the Irvine Fine Arts Center where we meet and just published his book & essay by the Uof New Mexico Press, and he is a professor of Cultural Anthopology with Uof Irvine here in CA (and I just had him sign my copy).

Over the years, with some donations, they have five easels with gallery lighting for the print display. Pribble puts together a monthly regional photography gallery update. Once per year we have a big print exchange, you bring one, you take one, something like that.

Hopefully, you will find that something like this is nice to set up.  You can get the word out to the local galleries to let the artist know its happening. And perhaps in a couple of years, you will have some very good friends, even though I have been only particiapting for a year, I am already developing some friendships and getting some good feeback on my work. (I had written “nice”, but then I remembered the first reaction to my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

Best regards, Doug


  1. Thanks, Doug, for generously posting all the information about the exchange. It sounds like a terrific group and it’s quite an accomplishment to have it still going strong after all these years. The photographer’s exchange of prints is a particularly intriguing idea. I wish I weren’t such a wimp about driving that (shudder) 405 from my home down to Irvine. If I ever manage to get together a small core of photographers where I am in the San Fernando Valley area (is this a shameless case of my advertising on your site and showing painfully bad taste?), I would hope we could use your group as a model and as inspiration. You might want to dodge in anticipation of the questions from more photographers quizzing you for advice in setting up their group. Thanks again for all the specifics.

    Comment by Anita Jesse — September 26, 2007 @ 11:13 pm

  2. I ahve been coming, off and on (mostly on) to this group meeting for over 18 years. I ahve seen the meeting change and vary over the years, and I must say that overall the meetings are interesting and helpful to my photography. I love the natural landscape, call it Ansel Adams photography (also called “West Coast Photography” by east-coast photographers who wouldn’t know a tree if they tripped over one). But I must say that at the last meeting (yesterday) I found a real disdain in the group for the landscape photographs, not just mine, but everyone’s who presented any. There was much to do about images I couldn’t even see on the paper, and there seems to be a drift toward what I call travelogue type photography – “what I saw on my last trip to somewhere that you haven’t gone to”. I felt like I should get a ticket to somewhere in Tasmania so I can join the group. But back to my main comment…I know that landscape photography is pretty well done y now, and “another rock, another tree” picture is probably the most common out there, but there is a reason for that. The natural landscape has a pull on humans second only to the pull of other humans…I got interested in photography by the beauty nature, and I still am. If this group is bored with this subject matter, then we should address that, because otherwise I will stop bringing in my landscape images and boring the group. I have plenty of pictures of strangers in foreign countries that bore the hell out of me…I comne to this group for spome feedback on my images, and getting nothing is insulting…even worse than “I don’t like your images”, or, “I like landscapes, but your’s stink”. One more thing, I think the group got a little loose and flippant at the end of the meeting whalie viewing the last few presenters, which should stop. Either we limit the number of presenters to maybe 10 so we can spend more time on each and not try to rush the last few, or we need some more decorum (order) so as to not slight those who go last. Anyway, this my first blog (ever) and I hope I didn’t insult everyone who reads it. Thanks for reading, Roger

    Comment by Roger Bennett — April 18, 2008 @ 5:38 pm

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