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September 23, 2007

Getting feedback

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Cross in Wildflowers

Wildflowers  (from the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

I am still suffering with my internet connectivity, but I have developed a work-around, so I will be posting without images for a short duration, or as in this case, using a previous posted image to help make a point.

Getting feedback on my images I believe is a healthy opportunity to help me develop. When I state feedback, I am thinking more about healthy comments are based on trying to understand what I am attempting to achieve and feedback about whether what I present actually connects.  As a photographer who spent a lot of time in the darkroom, there was just usually me in there and I can get isolated, as I suppose any visual artist can who is tying to create a work of art. Visual artist are not usually immersed in a group function, such as a band who come together and interact as they create new music. Thus we need to seek out friends and groups to air out our thoughts and our art work. I have two of those groups now, the on-line Stills, and a monthly group here in Southern California called the Photographers Exchange.

Sometimes at these sessions I learn more about how my images impact others, what else they see, do they understand what I am trying to suggest. Another thing I find out about is how my images look when placed within another contex, rather on my monitor or a small print resting in my hands.  Case in point, the other night at the Photographers Exchange I brought 5 different 9×14″ prints from my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip to display, including this image Wildflowers.  While I listened to the comments, I had a chance to look at my images from a distance to further evaluate them.  The different location helped disconnect me from my usual viewing process and allowed to to gain a fresh perspective on these images or pardoning the pun, see them in a different light. 

Of the five prints, this image was not working as well for me, and then I think I found the issue, the open sky at the top is too dark for the rest of the image.  A pure white in an image will attract you eye to a particular region of an image, but likewise an unually contrast will pull you in, which was the case of this really dark open sky next to the cloud formation.  Looking at the sky in this image is not allowing you to see what I would prefer you to see.  So a sky adjustment for this image is in order, but that needed adjustment was not as apparent to me while working in my light room.

And spending time developing some new friendships is very nice as well…..

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Doug, I have been dropping by for a while and enjoying your posts. Now, everytime I see a roadside memorial I think of your images. You have done a wonderful job with that series. By the way, “Tired Bones” is one of my favorites from your gallery. Your mention of the the Photographer’s Exchange caught my eye. Is there anything about the group on the web? A brief search yielded nothing so far, and I am curious about the type of groups available in the southern California area.

    Comment by Anita Jesse — September 23, 2007 @ 5:49 pm

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