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September 19, 2007

A Sideways Glance: Going deeper

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Last Spring there was a conversation that Paul Butzi initiated about essentially either going wider (broader context) or deeper (more in-depth) regarding your own artistic development. I believe that this concept can be applied in a variety of ways regarding artistic development.

As I continue my series A Sideways Glance, I find that as I look, see and discover this specific region over an extended period of time, I feel that I am going a lot deeper.  I also find myself re-evaluating my initial assumptions and first impressions.  In one regard, I still think that my first impressions were mostly correct.  But where as I felt that this section of landscape was representational of the larger region of the Inland Empire, I no longer hold that belief.

In trying to understand this landscape, a while back I had come across a discussion of another artist’s work, which was described as described as looking at a transistional seam.  hmmm.

In thinking about what I saw and experienced yesterday during my drive, I realized that I was witnessing two different environments co-exsisting at the same time, and the words transistional seam just jumped out.  Exactly!  Neither here nor there, but that gray ambigious area in between.  And I feel that my understanding has come about by spending more time in the same area, looking and seeing, thinking and reflecting, essentially peeling the layers off an artichoke to reveal was is hidden inside, not taking for granted the difficult outer layers. 

 And probably still more yet to come….

Best regards, Doug

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