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September 16, 2007

Committing to Paper

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Tollroad Hillside

Tollroad Hillside  (from the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

The whole realization that I have been deferring my printing of my images was interesting.  In checking back, there were a couple of images from my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip that I had not printed yet.  When I went back to the unprinted images, I also realized that I had not mentally committed to the treatment of the image.  Something was still bothering me about the image, so I had moved on to other images.

Part of the solution for the remaining images were such things as a do-over in Photoshop CS3, such as a better recover of some sky and cloud highlights that I was not able to salvage with Photoshop CS. One image just needed a slight counter-clock wise rotation to resolve the image slidding out the bottom right.  All of these “small” details that ended up having great visual impacts for me.

I have found that like my writting, my images do need to be printed and down on paper to have my “final” creative committment.  Once I have accomplished the printing of the image, I am ready to move on.  I also know that I still go back to images and adjust them again, such as when I have new tools like those that became available with Photoshop CS3 and ACR 4.1 as well as a myrid of others that become available.

So now I know that I will continue to be a printer guy as far as my creative process goes, which is a good thing to understand about yourself.  It helps with realizing why I am comfortable or not and what might be bothering me.

Best regards, Doug

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