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September 15, 2007

ArtBiz101: Ending the Series

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Entrance  (from the series  Insomnia: Hotel Noir)

I have decided to end my every Friday blog post ArtBiz101 series for a number of reasons.

First, I was finding that I was spending more time on researching the material for this series, which was taking away time from my own art projects. I had flirted with the idea that at the end of a year, packaging these posts together in a LuLu book.  But again, that would have also taken a lot of time. And what you soon find in life, is that time is very valuable. You are very limited in the time you have available, and I want to make the most of it!

Second, I did not anticipate or really want to make a “career” out of art marketing. There are some that have chosen that path, but I already have a nice day job career, I don’t need another one. I would rather spend my time on developing my creative vision and trying to better understand myself and sharing what I see.

So in the marketing parlance, I did a trial balloon with the ArtBiz101 series and it did not float! I did make one good connection on my Pricing article but I do not see that this series I wrote met a need. One nice thing about a blog is that there are statistics that give you feedback about what viewers read. The ArtBiz101 did not get many reads;- )

I am going to keep this series of articles active in my blog archives in the Art Market section for a while nevertheless.

Best regards, Doug

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