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September 13, 2007

Evaluating Digital Camera gear

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Freeway signs and hilltop home

Freeway Signs and Hilltop Home  (From the series: A Sideways Glance)

Following up on yesterdays thought, I have noticed another subtle change as I have gone digital.

In the past, with a new lens, camera or other photographic gear, I would do a “dry run” evaluation. That is I would initially use the new equipment withou film in the camera. Just practice some different shots, compositions, features or what have you, but not waste any precious film. When I felt comportable, then load some film in the camera and do the next set of evaluations.

Not the case now with digital. Add the new features and start shooting as I did this morning after adding the new L bracket to my camera. Find out how the camera feels and reacts, and in this case, get the feel of the camera balance with the new weight and redistribution.

Thus today’s Photo of the Day. I have been working on this particular composition for a couple of weeks of freeway drive-by’s. If I had done it the old way, I would have had a great visual composition, but no image capture. But today, I had a great exposure, digital capture and some good working experience with the camera modifications.  Not bad. I am liking this new process. That or maybe in the past I was just too conservative and not much of a risk taker!

This is much more fun…

Best regards, Doug

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