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September 2, 2007

So why choose these subjects for a Series?

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Hidden Wreath

Hidden Wreath (from the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

I’ve been a little down in the weather the last couple of days, some kind of flu bug that enables me to sleep for long periods of time. Also since I am not moving around much, more time for reflection.

Thus, so why do I choose the subjects that I do for a series?

First, thinking about images as in a series or project is relatively recent for me, starting about a year ago after reading the Jensen Brooks articles about creating a body of work as a series. Until that time, just about everything I created was a unique and somewhat unreated image, thus singular images. Okay, so is the name of my blog still a good one? Yep, because even with a series of images that you consider in greater context as a body of work, you still look at them one at a time.

Second, for some twenty plus years I was mostly following the west coast natural landscape photography, but more in the spirit of Bullock, Caponigro and White. But my big problem is that I do not live very near the natural landscape that I enjoyed photographing. Meanwhile, I have found some some areas in Orange County that do provide some great creative opportunities.

Thus the convergence of working on series and looking at where I live. If I live in the city, travel a bunch and live in hotels and locally spend time on the freeways, then I should consider working with what I have. A long the lines of “when you are given lemons, make lemonade”, or otherwise said; make the most out of what you have.

My series Bad Trip – Sad Trip was my first big departure from the “pure” landscape images. It is still a landscpe series but it has become more urban and humanized. But there are not many of these folk art monuments are near where I live. And so I went back to looking at my other images, and thought about things that seem to re-occur and what series could be extracted from these or images that I could create that could be added to them.

And I started making more images of where I live. And thinking more about the choices I have made and the conditions that exist about me. And so the series have become more personal and yet they are sometimes harder for me to understand. The great “Why do I photograph that particular thing like I did”? Why did I not photograph another thing. Why do I keep coming back to this particular image of all the images that I made during that session?

More questions and fewer answers. So I continue to work on my series and to observe where they take me.

Best regads, Doug

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