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August 30, 2007

Every Picture tells a story

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Yes, with a nod to Rod Stwart, “Every picture tells a story, don’t it” and sometimes that is what puzzles me and I am not sure about that aspect with regard to this blog. There is my story and then there are your stories.

 So does a caption help or hinder, can you still have your story if I add caption, titles, and my version of story? My part of the story could end with presenting the image, yes? This is was my wondering when I provided some of my “story” for yesterday’s photo. Should I have just plopped in on the blog and be done with it? Many have done just that. “Let the photo speak for itself, my friend…”

So that had me thinking, is my story then speculation? Was it an observation of a brief period of time, as is the image? My version of reality? or could I use my image to set the stage for a short story, pure fiction?? and so what might today’s fictional story be about?

“they paused in the car, needing to let the car run to keep the air cool in this blasted oaisis.  The sun was burning with an unusal intensity.  Yes, this was the planned meeting place, but would they show?  It was a safe place, clearly visible from the drone of the rush hour traffic, no one would be foolish to try something here.  if only they had known…..”

Perhaps it was today’s heat that has softened my mind, as the temperature hit 112F while driving up the Inland Empire’s I-15 freeway this afternoon. And it was very humid and that is very unusual for Southern California (even clouds!).

But this mornng was very mellow with a golden sun rise due to the increased humidity. That provided a very nice warm front light to my landscape. That nice light is going to linger a little longer as we enter late Summer and then the light will slowly dim until I have to drive in the dark for my morning commute. So I shall make the most of that nice light while I can.

Best regards, Doug

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