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August 30, 2007

A Sideways Glance: a short story

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Riverside Couny

Nice morning today, the lighting again had a little more warmth to it due to the monsoon humidity that we sometimes have during the Summer. Today I not only had to dodge cars and trucks to frame my exposures on the Inland Empire Freeway, I had to work with a fugitive sunshine with pesky clouds. As the cloud cover was not very dense, getting a good use of the sunrise light was just another issue to deal with.

So I have continued to think about my images being used to frame the context of my fictional (short?) novel, so then do my images then become “illustrations” for the story? I would think that the images do take on a new meaning nevertheless. And what if my images were great, but the novel pure crap, how would that effect the preception of the images? And if the novel was captivating, would that add anything to the images? Do I even have time to consider a fictional novel that interweave with my images….

“The young dectective was already on his way into the office, when he received the call.

Cell phones, he thought, not a moments peace. Although he had to admit, the text messages from Cindy were fun and a delight. Those quirky messages helped bring some humanity into this dreary job.

The Inland Empire he had quickly learned was the dumping ground for what ever bad that happened in the Coastal Empire. There was a lot of empty space out here. Places where things could happen and remain out of sight. And it seems that this bad news this morning was coming in pairs, as two vicitums were just found in a car.

He was only going to need to take a small detour this morning, as the location was just off the freeway….”

 So also apparent that I like mysteries and spy thrillers and find myself making time to watch CSI and NCIS. I also have read most if not all of Michael Crichton’s novels. As an engineer, part of my career has been a problem solver. I enjoy figuring out what has occured and understanding the “real” cause. So that investigational aspect apeals to me.

So if the photographs that I take and the resulting images that I select to create are in a greater sense autobiographical, why not include what I know and what I am interested in my story?

Best regards, Doug

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