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August 22, 2007

Series updates

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For my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip, I just received permission from Simon Denison to quote him from the Introduction of his book Quarry Land for my artistic statement. I have complete about 50% of my sanity check on the printing and titles to the images of the series. My web site, which has about 50% of the images of the series is now up to date. I still may tweek the layout of the images and still not sure about the last two images in the lower right corner. hmmm.

For the series Insomnia: Hotel Noir, I have whittled down the first cut of the photographs which stands at 50 images. Most are not titled yet and those that are just have a working title. Like the first series, I don’t know if I will go with a descriptive title or a suggestive title. This “titling” topic, we have been discussing this on our other blog Stills. Its slowly coming along ;- )

The Freeway Series is still a crude working title and as you can see from the Photo (s) of the Day, I am currently engaged in photographing. Thus you are seeing a real work in progress, as my recent Photo of the Day is not getting the usual “long look and contemplation” refinements. Heck, I’m still working out the photographing process while trucking down the Freeway at 70 mph (that’s fully legal on the I-15 in Riverside). There is something about creating these images on the fly, versus stopping and fine tuning a composition. Anyway you look at it, photographing at 70 mph is dangerous and stopping on the Freeway shoulder is even more dangerous. In making this series, another situation where digital feedback shines, as I can quickly assess if my set up is getting the images I want, and then make the neccessary adjustments for the next image. Not fool proof, but better than waiting a couple of days to look at developed negatives and trying to figure out what I did right or wrong and make the adjustments.

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