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August 16, 2007

CS3: ACR 4.1 with JPEG

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Brussels, Dusk

I have one image that I made at dusk while walking through Brussels that I keep aside for trying new image manipulation “tricks”. My issue is the sky; blank and overexposed, lost. One of those JPEG images that I made before turning to RAW. I really like what was happening on the street, especially as this one lady was walking away from me, a nice point of interest. The neon lights were just coming on (this is the old dining district of Brussels, not far from the main Platz/Plasa/Square). But I had exposed for the street scene and knew I was losing the sky. But at the time, it seemed like my best option.

So I was excited to read where you could the use ACR 4.1 with JPEG images in CS3, maybe some hope for this image. I was not going for a multi- image (create two files and then add them together), but seeing if I could save the original image as a single file (okay, I like the challenge, I learn a lot from these things). I was impressed with some of the highlights that I could rescue and save. It appeared that I could save more highlights but now all of the image data (historgram) was bunching up in the shadows. So for the moment, I have a nice image of Brussels that brings back a lot of pleasant memories. And I think that I will now try some fancier tricks with ACR in a little bit to keep working on that sky, as I now have more hope!

Best regards, Doug

Update: I revisited this same image in ACR 4.1 and pushing the contrast and the brightness to extremes, I can not save this sky, it is too far blown out. This image appears to have the usual digital issue with the loss of highlights. So I could creatively bring in a new sky as well as some other illustration options. Now I need to  decide what I want to do, if I want to do anything…..but in the meantime, I do like the additional CS3 options with the ACR for JPEG images, provides more creative alternatives.

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