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August 6, 2007

The Freeway series

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I-91 & I-15 Overpass

I-91 & I-15 Overpass

First, the title of this blog will probably get the attention of the LA Dodgers and the (LA) Anaheim Angeles fans, so first my apology to them, this is not about baseball and the games these two crosstown rivals play against each other.

What I am thinking about now is the group of photograhs that I made on the I-405 freeway in LA and Orange County and the group of photograhs that I made on the I-15 freeway in Riverside County. Are these related artworks and is this one in the same project??

I was interested in and photograhed differently between the two freeway landscape regions that occur within each of these locations. I still drive both of these freeways and I have not stuck a stake in the ground as to declaring what I am doing on this series. (Okay, just what am I doing? er, nevermind….) I can and will photograph some more.

So this much I have decided: I am going to be working on my series Insomnia: Hotel Noir while I to continue photographing these two landscapes and listen/see to what the resulting images tell me. Perhaps it will end up being about the dicotomy of the Southern California landscape between these two divergent regions. Or perhaps I shall continue blogging about this and realize that I may just have externalized my project!

Oh yes, for this image of the I-91 and I-15 interchange in Riverside, I did decide to leave the horizon just a little tilted. I could have corrected it as I have in other images before, but for some reason, it seems to make sense in this image. Now why? Perhaps some non-lineral thought?

I know that it can be disturbing to not have photographs not reflect our “reality”, showing things as we would expect them to be, for example, the real horizon is not tilted. But in our day to day lives, we tilt our heads all the time, but I think that our brains self-correct and we don’t realize it. So I guess that in a way, this image is actually very realistic.

And this is a follow on image from yesterday’s image made in the underpass to this image of the overpass.

Best regards, Doug


  1. Excellent shot. I grew up in Newport Beach/Costa Mesa even though I now live in NorCal. I’ve seen that view MANY times.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Comment by 47project — August 6, 2007 @ 7:45 pm

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