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July 31, 2007

Web site updated

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3 Bouquets

Three Bouquets on Freeway Overpass (from the series: Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

Well, I just updated the image titles and rearranged some of the images on my web site for the series Bad Trip – Sad Trip. One of the changes in the layou was my reaction to a comment by Kjell on my series, specificly the one image that was the most abstract. I am thinking that this image, Fleeting Thoughts, may make the best closing image for the series, thus I have moved to the bottom right corner. Just proceeding Fleeting Thoughts down in the corner is the image Quasi-Awarness, which has a feeling of motion as well, but not as pronounced, thus the visual effect is building for the final image.

Now I need to revist my Artist Statement for this series and bring in all of the great imputs that I have been receiving. All of your comments have given me some great additional artistic insights to my own series and have helped my furhter understand the emotional impact to this series. And I have learned that these roadside memorials are not unique to just the US, so if anyone knows of a grant that I can apply for to continue this series on a global scale, please send me the information.

Regarding this image, Three Bouquets on the Freeway Overpass, this photograph was made right after the three children were killed on the Freeway exit just down from my home last May. This small flower memorial was the first emotional reaction by their friends. Later it became larger, including some angel wings attached to the fencing. As you might suspect, this sight is now shrinking in size and volume of flowers, althought the wings remain. This image was also reworked with the CS3 B&W ajdustment layers process which I was able to improve the local contast for the flower arrangement. This had been an image that I had on HOLD, but with the new artistic B&W controls with CS3, I find myself liking this image and I will include it in the series portfolio.

Best regards, Doug

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  1. It seems to be coming together well – it’s nice to see a body of work developing into a cohesive whole like this. Rather voyeuristic on the artistic process.

    Looking at the images you’ve presented, and reading your statement, for me the order works in reverse to that you’ve chosen. Moving from passing awareness, through the distantly glimpsed memorials right through to the intimate aquaintances made. If it were my series (it’s not of course) I’d start with “Fleeting Thoughts” and “Quasi-awareness” and end with “Aluminum Cross” and “Randy”. Just my tuppence worth (as we say in Blightly).

    Comment by Martin Doonan — August 1, 2007 @ 5:39 pm

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