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July 20, 2007

Palm trees are not native to California

Filed under: Photography — Doug Stockdale @ 5:49 am

…Palm trees are the great Southern California location icon. But they are not native to Southern California, or really any parts of California. I know that there is a project perculating here, and if I remember correctly, a number of them have been done about SoCal palm trees. I just have not done mine yet. And I guess that’s all that matters to me. So why worry about palm trees?  Because I see a lot of them here in Napa, which is Northern California.  And so I have found myself photographing them here too. Palm trees of all things.

Well, tomorrow early, I drive back down to Southern California for the next eight hours. Maybe I’ll photograph some more Palm trees and get them out of my system…..and maybe again, not…

Best regards, Doug

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  1. Doug: There is one Palm native to California: Washingtonia filifera– commonly known as the “fan palm” It is native to the deserts of California and is typically found growing in small oases along fault zones such as the San Andreas. However, these also can be found interspersed with non-native species that are commonly used in the beautification projects of cities.

    Comment by ron pidot — July 22, 2007 @ 7:50 pm

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