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June 25, 2007

Melancholy Series?

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Hope (from the Series: Bad Trip – Sad Trip)

…being visually oriented, words are the hard part for me, becasue otherwise I would be a writer, eh?. For those who have been following my writing about my series Bad Trip – Sad Trip, you are should be vary familiar with my struggle with the words to the feelings. So when I came across a book that had images and words that closely related to what I was trying to say, I immediately want to extract the full extent from what was published. The portfolio and book was created by Simon Denison called Quarry Land, and here is a link to the introduction. Simon is a Brit who over a four year period photographerd an abandoned Quarry area in the Midlands of England.

Simon writes “But melancholy is a bittersweet emotion – it is not the same as “depressing”. In mourning for our losses, for the inexorable passage of time and the brevity of human life, we become more intensely aware of the wonder of human exsistance and its fragility.” Wow, well said, that is as much about what I would like to say about my feelings for my series.

Other quotes from Simon that when parapharased would well with my thoughts about my series; “Given a bit more time, the visible ruins (for me: monuments) will disappear altogether, leaving nothing buried traces…..this quality of atmosphere of a place where time has moved on is almost tangible….is cloaked in the kind of echoing silence that enfolds you…..the traces of people who have been there not long before, but have since moved on.”

And;these marks on the landscape surviving a short while after the people who made them have gone, but each one itself desitned to be swept away in time.” Then he goes on to say “where a traumatic event has happened that has left no trace, just memories echosing in the silence.”

And finally “if the landscape…evaoke a sense of the brevity of life, it is because everywhere sadly, they contain the signs of death…”

Not much I can add to this for the moment……

Best regards, Doug

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