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April 30, 2007

Print Exchange

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Morning Sentinel

Morning Sentinel, Warsaw, Indiana 2007

After I publish this message, I am off to the post office to ship an exchange print (the image above, Morning Sentinel) to Colin (blog: photostream). I have just added a print exchange page to my web site, where I am open to discussing print exchanges between photographers. I believe that it is an excellent opportunity to see original prints by others to help with your own personal development. The images we see in magazines, books and on web sites do not compare to the depth and range of tones/colors that you see when examing an original print.

I have been making print exchanges for over thirty years and have enjoyed each exchange. This is how that I obtained my print from John Sexton in the mid-1970’s (before he worked for Ansel and still living in Southern CA and he had just started to develop his “expressive fine print” workshop) as well as from many other friends. I recently started participating with the group “The Photographers Exchange” here in Southern Califronia, and their recent annual print exchange. It was a lot of fun, I think I choose a very nice print, but I would like the group to consider keeping the print exchange as a constant option. (Reminds me to email Larry a note to that effect).

I believe that you can learn more about other photographers, indirectly about print techniques and ultimately about yourself.

Best regards, Doug

April 29, 2007

Photographic Image Titles

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Monrovia Canyon, Spring

 Monrovia Canyon, Spring

Okay, to my point that I was trying to make yesterday (I think that folks at WordPress must have thought that I needed an extra day to reflect on this subject). I do title or name my photographic images. There has been some recent discussions as to whether naming or titling should be needed, required or does it create issues with the viewers as the the content of the image. I feel that putting a title on an image is soley the option of the artist. If my titles further confonds or clarifies or encombers the viewer as to all of the (potential) hidden messages or neuances of the image, that is a risk that I don’t mind taking. Just taking a photograph and then refining and tweaking and showing the resulting image is a big step, so what is the problem with taking the extra creative step of also providing a title?

I have chosen to place titles to hopefully place a context to the image. The image above was created in Monrovia Canyon, which is located in the foothills of Southern California, last year during the Spring rains. As it was taken in May, I have also made this my homepage image for the month of May. I also like to think of may images as methaphors, but as my friend Colin (blog: Photostream) has reminded me, my methaphors are mostly in my mind and not very obvious in the image or the title. So be it. Thus I do try to share my metaphors as well other technical information about the image when I publish my monthly newsletters. As an example, for me, the flow of water is not unlike the flow of time and almost as plastic a quality as it appears in this image. and I am not sure of how to put that in a title, thus I will go with a middle ground of providing some of the where and when.

 Best regards, Doug

April 28, 2007

Naming your photograph

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Seasonal Runoff

Seasonal Runoff, Placerita Canyon, California, 2006

Well, I had hoped to write more about this, but due to the complexities of this Blog site, WordPress, it appears that I will be lucky if this gets posted on the blog, so if you see it, let me know. Then someone can tell me how it got there…..

 Best regards, Doug

New comment: well it did make it on the blog site and appears that I can now edit and have this message appear. I am not a happy camper and I may go back to Blogger and all of its issues. hmmmmm.  and yes, I am not a tech weenie and that may be the problem, as I am not saying this is entirely the issue with WordPress.  but is this blog easy to use? well not currently as I have burned a couple of hours to get to this point.

April 26, 2007

Singular Images

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Frosty morning in La Heutte

 Frosty morning in La Huette, Switzerland 2005

I have realized that most of my images probably can be best  be characterized as existing as singular images, that each one was individually created and stands on its own merits. Last year I started working more on photographic projects, a series of images that when viewed within a defined group have a potentially greater context. But again, each image in the project ends up being viewed indivdually and evaluated seperately.  and maybe thats how it should be…

 Best regards, Doug

Note; another new wonder with this blog site Wordpress, the image that I had posted with this message just disappeared. So now it is back again….what will happen next???

April 25, 2007

Hello world!

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This is the start of Singular Images, the blog by Doug Stockdale. I will be discussing the art of photography, which is my take as well as a dialog about other trends that I observe, and about what is happening with my own creative development.

Okay, it’s really going to be a Hodge-poge of some-what related stuff of which I have no idea of how it will finally turn out in the Internet wash.

 Best regards, Doug

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