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June 6, 2014


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Untitled (Veggia-selfie) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

With the recent and seemingly odd tangent that I am on photographing metamorphic plants, I decided to take a break and return to working on another of my projects for the morning. In the midst of this I noticed my shadow on these bushes. The resulting photograph has a similar look to the images that I am tweaking with the Snapsneed app for my Memory pods project. too funny.

I will take this as a subtle hint and get back to my Memory pods project.


June 5, 2014

Memory pods – 39


Untitled (Memory pods #39, Aging Memory pods) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

This Memory pod project continues to evolve, but since my subject is evolving towards the end of it’s bloom and seed cycle as a subject it is about at it’s end for this year. I really can’t recall if this plant blooms once per year or twice, but I guess by the end of this year I will know.

When I started this project last week the plant’s pods were pretty vibrant and green. This week the pods that remain are slowly turning brown and thus providing more opportunities to investigate memory with the passing of time. Not to difficult to understand that as we age, the neurons don’t spark as fast, while for some, regretfully, the neurons are literally gone, which is the inspiration for version #39, above.

This image may appear a bit different from the previous version in another way as I have switched to the full frame Canon 5D instead of the Samsung camera-phone. Because I still have an interest in the Snapseed app on the Samsung, I will probably photograph my subject with both cameras. Okay, for this session I will not be getting out the Hassie and film, a bit too late to start that.


June 4, 2014

Sub-Warp Speed

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-6-03-14 sub-warp_speed_02

Untitled series (Warp Speed #01 – #07) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

This is a mini-project that explores the time-space continuum and the effects of traveling at sub-Warp Speed. With the advent of another Star Wars movie in the making and been awhile since the last release, most are not familiar with the experience of approaching light speed or what is looks like to peer into a gigantic interstellar black hole.

Enjoy & may the Force be with you!

-6-03-14 sub-warp_speed_03

-6-03-14 sub-warp_speed_01

-6-03-14 sub-warp_speed_04

-6-03-14 sub-warp_speed_05

-6-03-14 sub-warp_speed_06

-6-03-14 sub-warp_speed_07

June 3, 2014

Memory pods – 27

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Untitled (Memory pods #27, A Missing Memory pod) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

A version of this photograph was one of my early Memory pods #05 that I had heavily manipulated, see below. In conjunction with version #01, this photograph was drawing me deeper into this investigation of memory and its preservation. In both versions of this photograph, I was interested in the visualization of the missing (memory) pod. With the desaturated version #05, I think that the stem that is missing the pod is very subtle, almost lost amongst the forest of parts, as compared to the version #27 above.

I had not really noticed until last night the the missing pod also meant the death of the stem that had supported it, which was now turning white. The whiteness of this stem as it was in the midst of dying gave me a jolt. I have heard that for the Japanese culture white signifies death and is a color of morning but I am unsure of this. Nevertheless, it is strange to see the whiteness of this stem as compare to the others which still retain the pods.

Second, I have provide a more descriptive title for this photograph. While working on this body of work some of the images seem to elicit a possible name in addition to the series number, but until now I have not included it. I will see how this aspect of the project progresses and if a title of a photograph seem appropriate, I will add it to my working files, then determine the path forward.



Untitled (Memory pods #o5, A Lost Memory) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

June 2, 2014

Memory pods – 25

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Untitled (Memory pods #25) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale.

After developing over twenty of the memory pod images using the Snapseed app on my Samsung camera-phone, I am going back and looking at these same images again. I might say that these are “straight” images that do not appear to be tweaked. The image above is the first image I manipulated with Snapseed, Memory pods #01 and the image that drew me into this project.

Actually my fist thought was about the capabilities of Samsung 4 and how close it can get to the subject, what would pass as a macro photograph. I am almost sure that my 24-105 L lens on my Canon 5D can duplicate this. Well perhaps if I were to take an image and subsequently crop it to blow up the central region, which I may actually try tomorrow as a what if. Actually this Samsung photograph is pretty impressive.

Nevertheless, this is my first real foray into plants, macro photography and heavy manipulated post-exposure images, as prior to this neither the plants or macro photography was of much interest to me.  I have always seem to have an interest in abstraction, which for the last eight years has mostly been using in-camera using prolonged exposure durations.

I think I will revisit some of the other earlier photographs from this Memory pod series to see what they might look like “straight”.


Memory pods – 24

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Untitled (Memory pods#24) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

Seeing these pods on the ground in various states of decay made me think of the many beautiful memories that I have experienced and that have fallen on the way side, many to be forgotten.


June 1, 2014

Anonymous – 01

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Untitled (Anonymous #01) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

Another project that has been lurking in the background is the concept of personal privacy and concerns with identity theft. I have worked with a couple of different ideas on how to explore this concept. Then I realized that the most elegant might very well be the most direct and simple.

Okay, perhaps with a subtle twist. A buddy of mine from the Photo Exchange, Sandor (aka Demco) Demlinger gave me an almost complete box of 120 Provia 100F Fujichrome (RDP III 120) that was mildly  outdated. With an expiration of Oct 2006, even though I think Demco kept this film in his fridge, I expected that I might get a color shift or some other odd artifact in the developed film. So I photographed a series of subjects and dropped the film off for processing (for a few bucks more, I also get a low-res digital scan of the images versus having to scan the transparencies on my Nikon 8000)  for normal processing.

Regretfully the processed transparencies came back looking perfect. No color shift or anything else that appeared odd. Perhaps a testament to the enduring quality of the FujiFilm. So I guess this project will progress without a subtle twist.

Now I need to evaluate the results. One aspect I am looking at is the amount of background included around the yellow pouch. How might it look if the image was tighter within the borders of the pictorial frame? Nice thing about 120 film, I have plenty of leeway to crop the image without much derogation of the image, and for how this appears, see below.

hmmmm, the tighter image is worth further consideration, so I just might move in a bit closer when I make my initial exposure.

Demco also gave me some small 10-pack bricks of really expired 120 Ilford Black and White film to mess around with: the FP4  expired in June 1983, Pan F expired in June 1984, and some HP5 that expired in July 1982. Okay, some 120 film that expired 32 years ago might get a bit more interesting ;- D



May 31, 2014

Memory pods – 21 & 22

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Untitled (Memory pods #21, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

This morning I was out scouting some more memory pods that I had seen around the area over the past couple of days. It seems that this idea is not going easily away. Stylistically, I have been denaturing the color in my images, but in checking back to my original image capture, I found myself take by the color of the fallen pods. Thus posting both versions even though I think I will be using the top image, #21. Nevertheless, I do find it is always nice to put back-up photograph on the blog to see what it looks like. Like tacking up the different printing versions on my virtual wall.

A nice walk is contemplative and on this one I came up with another idea of what to title this project. And you may have thought Memory pods was the project name. Well maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I like options!



Untitled (Memory pods #22, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

Memory pods – 16 & 19

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Untitled (Memory pods #16, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

I was captivated by the composition and appearance of two rose pods after the bloom. What I had not been attempting before this was the documentation and development of the same subject over time. Hopefully apparent the image #16 above was the earlier of the series although the duration was only three days, the memory pods were evolving. Similar to how memory changes over time as it continues to lose its initial vitality and freshness.

I suspect I will continue to follow the progression of this set of memory pods as well as looking at my earlier subjects.



Untitled (Memory pods #19, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

May 30, 2014

Memory pods – 07

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Untitled (Memory pods #07, May 2014) copyright 2014 Douglas Stockdale

While developing this photograph for my Memory pods series, I kept finding myself introducing a warm hue. Up to this point I have been exploring variations of a neutral or tan background color. Color can convey a whole litany of narratives; such that a warm red can convey warmth & heat as well as either anger or passion. Perhaps this is a surrealist attempt to add subjectivity to the image?



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